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Natural Medicine since 2001

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Based In The Yarra Valley, In The Outer-East Of Melbourne, Practicing In

  • Yarra Junction at the The Upper Yarra Family Centre

we are A Natural Medicine Practice Specialising In Mental Health And Wellness through herbs, nutrition and targeted supplementation

Established In 2001, The Clinic Provides Treatments Utilising A Variety Of Modalities Including, But Not Limited To, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Dietary ADVICE, Tactile Therapies, Homeopathy, Counselling And Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

  Herbal       Medicine 

Herbal Medicine Is The Oldest Known Form Of Medicine And Is Defined As The Study And Use Of Plant Material As Food And Medicine For Healing And Health Promotion.                                                                

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PhysicaL Medicine

Physical Medicine Explores And Treats The Underlying Causes Of Musculo-Skeletal Pain, Stiffness, And Movement Issues.  Treatments May Vary From Standard Stretching, Mobilisation And Manipulative Techniques, Massage And Bowen, To The Use Of Biomesotherapy And Biopuncture Therapy. 

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 Nutritional      Medicine

Nutritional Medicine Is Based On The Principle That Nutrients, Including Essential Micronutrients, Are Required For The Proper Functioning Of All The Biochemical Processes On Which Our Bodies Depend.

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 Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Is Both A System For Self-Care And Self-Help, And Complementary To Other Medical Approaches To Care. It Can Address Physical, Emotional And Mental Health Issues And Disorders, Promoting High-Level Wellness And Peak Performance.   

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 Integrative    Medicine

Integrative Medicine Principles Takes The Best Evidence Based Practices From Modern Orthodox Medicine And Traditional Complimentary Medicine Combining Them Where Necessary For The Best Outcomes Of The Patient. 

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Mind-Body Medicine Uses The Power  Of Thoughts And Emotions To Influence Physical Health. As Hippocrates Once Wrote  - The Natural Healing Force Within Each One Of Us Is The Greatest Force In Getting Well -  This Is Mind-Body Medicine In A Nutshell.                    

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