Talk Therapy

Gestalt Therapy: 

Sandra on 0438  590 322

Gestalt Therapy Is An Existential / Experiential Form Of Psychotherapy That Emphasises Personal Responsibility, And That Focuses Upon The Individual's Experience In The Present Moment, The Therapist–Client Relationship, The Environmental And Social Contexts Of A Person's Life, And The Self-Regulating Adjustments People Make As A Result Of Their Overall Situation. It Was Developed By Fritz Perls In The 1950s.  Gestalt Therapy Is Built Upon Two Central Ideas

  1. that the most helpful focus of psychotherapy is the experiential present moment,
  2.  that everyone is caught in webs of relationships; thus, it is only possible to know ourselves against the background of our relationships to others

Cognitive -Emotional Reframing:

Chris on 0408 326 628

The Cognitive Emotional Reframing Approach (CERA) Is A Language-Based Therapeutic Approach, Based On Both Cognitive And Humanistic Psycho-Therapeutic Processes Borrowing Discrete Concepts From The Developmental Theories Of Freud And Klein,  Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, And Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. Key Concepts From These Approaches Have Been Used In The Construction Of An Integrated Approach By Which The Therapist Can Assist You To Understand The Ways In Which Your Own Thinking Might Be Self-Perpetuated Through The Misappropriation Of Your Feelings Which, In Turn, Can Enhance False Assumptions About Yourself, Others, Your Options And The Resources Available To Help You. The Therapist, Being Mindful Of The Language You Use, Utilises Simple Protocols To Regularly Encourage And Guide You In The Process. 

The CERA process helps by encouraging you to make more adaptive choices and to meet life with greater psychological clarity. By helping to clarify your aberrant thinking for yourself in real-time, and helping you to understand the origins of your distress, you can begin to gain more control over your symptoms. The therapist provides a safe and encouraging space for this adaptive learning, and relearning, to take place utilising the Cognitive Emotional Reframing Approach.